Welcome to Dirtydrama. By a 15 year old freak/lovely Alya! Contains stuff for your benefit. A blog that expresses her feelings x) I hope you like it. You better do. jks jks lols


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The Lovely Miss

Alya. Female. 15 years young. In year 11. big bang is my kind of band followed by Super Junior, 2PM, 2AM, SHINee and DBSK. My family and friends will always be loved by me. Music is my life. Books are just awesome. Kpop and Jpop music is cool. Singing is my passion. Skinny jeans and nail polish are cute. For more click here.

The Lovlies <3

♥ nnie niieeeee nniiiieeee ♥
BEN blobbbyyy bennnn ♥ ♥
♥ anh annnnnnhhhhhhhhh annnhhh ♥
katherine ♥ lexy hyli danii ♥ max ;D francine ♥ gemma ♥ yuni ♥ jo ♥ lake ♥ willian maryam vincent ♥ sarah ♥ sue alisha nirvana tasmin julia jaclyn becky Delilah josie julia.
already re-vamped and deleted! on 17-06-09.

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